November 16, 2009

Long time much has changed!

Well I decided to start keeping up with my blog again. I've got a few ideas in store as to make my blog more exciting, thanks to my friends who are doing the same, so stay tuned for that!

But for now I'm going to update you on my life :D! Well, Bennett was born on August 10th via c-section. It was a really scary, yet really emotional and happy day. Bennett was born at 9lbs 4oz, big and healthy which was so great b/c we knew he needed to be strong for his surgery. His repair surgery for his Omphalocele was two days after he was born. It was a success!! No need for more surgeries, the Dr was able to fix it in just one, really short surgery! He now has a custom made belly button as a result, which is just perfect for his unique personality!
He spent 8 long days in the NICU, while I stayed in Toledo at the Ronald McDonald house. Which by the way I recommend donating to if you are ever looking to make a charitable donation. Not that I hope you ever have to stay there, but its a great place for those who need it. They really strive to make it feel like home, it was a fabulous place to stay. Although my own home with all of my boys is truly where I wanted to be!

Bennett is thriving! No complications from his defect, you'd never know there was anything wrong. At three months he is around 17 lbs! A big boy for sure, but such a joy! Cooper loves him so much, a little too much at times :D But everyone has adjusted well, and things are just falling into place nicely.

Everyone is doing great, Cooper will be 3 in january. I cant believe it, he is such a wonderful little man. Bills job is doing well, and he/we just bought a new truck. He has been eyeing trucks for at least a year and we found a great deal so we couldnt pass it up. I've been enjoying being a stay at home mom, i wouldnt trade it for anything. I've found a few ways to make money online, its been great especially as the holidays are approaching us. I've been able to buy several gifts so far with all the money i've earned. Its great, it makes me feel good to do something to earn money again!

so I'll leave you with a few pictures...and as far as whats to come on my blog, think about: money savings, free items, and great coupons for your Christmas shopping needs!


Anonymous said...

hey girl... Where did you find online that you can make money?every place i find is a scam..yeah its hard to believe bennett is 17 lbs...what a chunker! bailey is catching up though, she doesnt want to be too small for ben LOL! i gotta find me a car somewhere cheap here soon..definitly need a car before new baby is born..

Heather said...

hey i'll be posting different things soon about ways to make money.
Right now I'm selling stuff online, and doing random things...