February 25, 2010

Do you have the Old Navy love?

Well if you are a facebook friend or fan of mine, you know I love Old Navy! And I love to share coupons I find with my friends. If you havent figured out where I find the awesome coupons, I'll let you in on my secret...
Every week, they update the site with hidden coupons: 10% off, 15% off, $10 off of $50, $15 off of $75, and $50 off of $100 being the biggest one they've had lately (they have had $75 off of $100 in the past) as well as other great coupons. The big ones go quick, but the fun is in the search. I've been lucky enough to have a $50/$100 and it's amazing all you can buy especially during their big sale events!
As of right now, they update every thursday, usually in the evening around 8 pm EST. I think last week it was 7:45 est, sometimes it is early in the morning. You just have to keep checking for updates! You can sign up for text updates and get hints as to wear a coupon might be. If you find one you can save it and keep looking for others, but you can only print one. You can email one to a friend or send one to a friend on FB.
I always share with my FB friends! I usually dont make it to ON in time so I have more than one to pass along. If you ever get a good coupon, say a 50/100 and want to donate your extra one to my blog, I'd love to offer a giveaway for it! Just email me at hlstevens03@gmail.com and I promise I'll do something fun for a contest for it!