April 16, 2010

Fridays Featured Blogger: Marissa at The Review Stew and The Hardest Job On Earth

Marissa is the mommy blogger behind two great blogs:
The Review Stew
and The Hardest Job on Earth.
I hope you take a minute to learn a little about her and her blogs, and become a follower!

The Review Stew

The Hardest Job on Earth Blog

About myself: I have been married for three years to my high school best friend (he was in love with me then, but he was too immature at the time to date :). I am a certified and licensed athletic trainer, but I have chosen to stay home with our 6 month old son for now. I love to read, play sports of any kind, go on walks with my family, and travel. I have recently gotten into blogging and I love it!

Blogs: I have two blogs: 1) The Hardest Job On Earth is a blog to honor all mothers out there and to share our experiences! It details many of my experiences as a new mother and I also mix in some health articles to help keep me on top of my game! :)
2) The Review Stew is my blog primarily for reviews of books and products with a dash of giveaways. I have some great reviews and giveaways coming up!

What inspired me to write blogs: My sister told me about blogging and I was hesitant at first because I didn't know much about it. One day I had a lot on my mind and I decided to set one up just to write down my thoughts. And now here I am with two great blogs that I love! It is a great stress reliever and mind clearer for me! :)

How do I fit it in my schedule: I fit it in whenever my son is napping. It gives me a good time to clear my head and take a breather.

What do I hope to achieve with my blog: Ultimately, I just want to make a difference in other people's lives. Being a stay at home mom can get lonely sometimes, so the interaction you get with others in the blog world can be inspirational! I hope to show people great products and give some great prizes away on The Review Stew. On The Hardest Job on Earth, I hope to share my experiences with other mothers and make a difference in others' lives with my health articles. I hope to widen my audience and maybe someday have another blog just devoted to what I know about health and wellness.


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Cara said...

I am now following your blog! And I love it! I am the sister who encouraged Marissa to blog, and love that she is featured this Friday here.
Feel free to check out my blog as well, www.yourworldnatural.blogspot.com
Nice to meet you,

Heather said...
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