April 6, 2010

It's a Windy Tuesday!

The wind is vicious here today! I picked up my son from preschool and he was laughing as he was trying to get to the car b/c the wind was holding him back! But it really is warm today, I'm loving this weather!!

I have some great freebies today, a few I forgot to put in yesterdays post but I know you all will forgive me ;)

**Target is offering samples of Suave Professionals hair care shampoo and conditioner, just fill out THIS form to get your freebies!

**the P&G product sampler is back! I picked samples of the dish detergent and pantene, and you can get coupons w/ your samples too!! Go here to sign up (if you haven't already before) and get your samples. If you've received samples from them before just sign in w/ your info.

**Dunkin' Donuts is sending out samples of their Turbo Coffee! Go here to get yours!