June 4, 2010

Mom Goes Beyond Campaign

If you're a mother, I think you can share in my sentiment in saying that motherhood is the hardest job on earth. You're responsible for shaping the lives of other human beings and helping them become the greatest person they can possibly be. No one said it would be easy, but hard work pays off when that little person looks up at you and smiles-you are their world, their everything! I'll never forget the moment I found out I was going to be a mother. I was nervous, scared, but so excited to venture into motherhood. It sure has been a crazy, beautiful ride!

Aquafresh is committed to lending moms a hand by supplying them with products, such as the amazing iso-active Whitening toothpaste, that achieves 33% better whitening compared to a non-whitening toothpaste. Now it’s your turn to share what makes you work beyond as Aquafresh wants to hear about these moments and celebrate you as mom through their Mom Goes Beyond campaign.

How do you go above and beyond being "just a mom"? What inspires you to be the best mom you can be? Do you have a memorable moment as a mother that could inspire others? That makes you sit back and think, how did I do that? Share your story with me!
Not a mom? You can also comment telling me of a memory when your own mom went beyond the duty.

To participate in this movement, leave a comment about an inspiring or memorable moment you’ve endured by being a mom (or about your mom) and you could have a chance to win various prizes including a $50 Walmart gift card! By June 9th, I will randomly nominate someone to be entered to become the grand prize winner who will receive one year’s worth of free Aquafresh product and a $500 Walmart shopping spree** and the honor of having her story showcased on the Aquafresh Facebook fan page. The Aquafresh creative team will choose the grand prize winner by July 7th!
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Remember, some of you may win some AquaFresh products, and one of you will win a $50 Walmart gift card! And maybe you'll be that lucky one to be entered to win a $500 shopping spree!
Ends June 9th!!!

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Sabina said...

The thing that inspires me to be the best mom I can be is that I want to raise God Loving, Honest, Loving children who what to give back to others and children who want to make a positive impact on the world around them. I only Pray that I can be an instrument of God and allow HIS love to shine through me and onto my babies!

Linda Adamthwaite said...

My children inspire me. This sounds so cliche but, true enough. want to be the best champion for my children and show them they are capable of ruling the world. I decided last year while watching my children in sports (track in particular) that how can I tell them to "RUN" if I can't even do it. After a few blows to the ego over my size (253 pounds size 18/20 2X and 3X) I decided to "RUN." I don't run far or fast, but I have walked/ran off 62 pounds and sporting a comfy size 10 jeans with a (L) tops. Last Saturday I accomplished a goal that was set out last October, which was run across the Mackinaw Bridge (in under an hour at that!) I now have challenged my twins to a 5K race. With the knowledge I will probably get smoked by both, I can do it, thanks to them. I want to inspire the ones that inspire me the most, Mariah, Rebecca and Jacob.

Linda Adamthwaite

Nanbon44 said...

what inspires me to continue to be the best Mom I can be. My children are my true inspiration, they are all grown with families of their own and as I look at them I know I did my best and I am so proud of who they are and what they made of their lives and I see the values I taught them being passed to their children. I have one son, 6 step daughters and 21 fantastic grandchildren. All were raised with love and lots of patience and all are wonderful

Owen's Mom said...

Two years ago when my son was only a year old, we were still in the learning phase of his diagnosis of PKU. It is a metabolic disorder where his liver cannot convert a part of protein called phenylalanine & when it builds up it can be toxic to his brain. We decided to meet others who also have this rare condition at a summer camp and learn more about living with the condition successfully. People with PKU can't eat meat, dairy, nuts, legumes and most grains. Living on fruits & vegetables as well as drinking a formula for life(for all the essential nutrients they miss out on otherwise) can be very challenging for both Mother & child.

The camp we attended was great, but I will always remember meeting a 9 year old boy. He had been playing with my son and had been so kind and patient with him. The boy looked at my son and asked me, "Does he have PKU just like me?" Such a simple question touched me deeply. "Yes. Just like you." Not only was it nice for the other boy to see more children like himself, it was so hopeful for me to see an older child thriving with the same challenges. That meeting has inspired me to teach my children (now I have a new daughter also with PKU) that PKU is not weird, just unique. It also has pushed me to be the very best Mom I can be and give my kids all the normalcy I can muster. Some days it is a challenge, but I am up for it!

andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

Mary Wilkinson said...

My children are the most loving, caring, friendliest children. I am bias but I think my children are the best. I would like to think that my husband and I are raising them with good morals and kind hearts! When I hear about all the twins and multiple babies born with something wrong or one passes on I think about how blessed I truly am. I have two healthy twin boys by the grace of God were not born early and were born very healthy and to this day are healthy! My daughter came shortly after (15 months) and was a healthy baby also. I am very blessed to have the 3 children I have today. I thank God every day for my children. They are my inspiration!!
P.S. If I am able to say this I want to say congrats Linda Adamthwaite..I read her story and that is definitely something to be proud of!!

Mami2jcn said...

I have 3 children and I’ve never had anyone take care of them (other than their daddy) a day in their lives. Our families live out of state so we’ve never had any outside help. I pride myself on having been able to raise them and guide them on our own.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Cara! said...

It is very hard being a mom and I really want to be the best mom that I can be! I love seeing the smile my kids give me or when they laugh. I love to see them learn on their own and love it when they behave and I am complimented on how well they are behaved.

mom2acat said...

I don't have kids, but I have an amazing mom. Back in 2003, we were both diagnosed with cancer about the same time; she had lymphoma, and I had (and still have) breast cancer. I remember the day of my surgery; my mom had just had her first chemo the day before, yet she stayed with me at the hospital for over 12 hours the day of my surgery; now that is love!

Shari Larsen

Joanna said...

I think a lot of people inspire me to be 'supermom'. First and foremost is my son. He has such a beautiful smile and seems learn something new everyday. Seeing him grow just amazes me. My husband is a wonderful inspiration as well. He works so hard to help support our family. His work requires that he travels a lot, but he always makes the time to call home to say goodnight. His homecomings are always exciting, he runs and gives the baby a huge kiss (then he goes to the dog and finally realizes that I am standing there :)). The women in our family really do inspire me as well, our moms, grandmothers, aunts, and cousins are always ready to support. Last, but definately not least, my work inspires me. I am a middle school teacher. I see lots of kids who don't get enough hugs!! I also see a lot of remarkable young men and women. So many of these kids have remarkable parents. I know that it takes a village to raise those kids, and I am a small part of a lot of villages. I want to create that strong village for my son.

Anonymous said...

My mom inspires me because she does a great job of keeping in touch with all her kids and family even though we've moved away! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

Tarissa said...

My mom is awesome! She is under quite a bit of stress, but her work always shines through. My mom has homeschooled both my brother & I all through school... and now I'm a high school graduate, with my brother closely following. I can't believe the patience she has shown by teaching us for so long. She takes great care of our family, and has gone through a lot these past years.
Would love it if I could win something like this for her!

sjt42075 said...

my son insipres me to be the best mom i can.when ever i have a day where i doubt i am a good mom he will say somthing to me to make it all better, like today i haven't been feeling well and my husband was taking our 3 year old to work with him as they left my son turned around and signed i love you today to me.melted my heart.

Jessica said...

What inspires me most about being a mom is my strength. I have 7 children ages infant to 14 years and every day people ask me "how do you do it?". And it's just something that I never even think about it, I wake up, I be a mom, that is my life. I love it. It isn't until I see people struggling that I realize the true strength that I do have.

A Mom's Take said...

As a single young women I discovered I was pregnant. I was shocked and scared and not sure what to do! I quickly learned that the best thing for this unborn child would be to be placed for adoption and I found THE most wonderful family in the world to raise him! The adoption has been very open and I see him on occasion. It is amazing to me to have been a mother for the 2 days I spent with him in the hospital and my time carrying him for all I was able to learn and grow from him. I will be forever grateful for that life changing experience and that beautiful little boy who changed my life!! I am now happily married and with 2 little boys of my own and pregnant with number 3. I love my boys and my life very much but I’ll be forever grateful for that first special child that made such a difference to who I am today!

janel_marie at yahoo dot com

Liz said...

I am inspired by my own mother, who, even though she couldn't do it all, took time to encourage me in my interests and hobbies and to cultivate new interests. I developed self-esteem in this way as well as the ability to entertain myself, and I hope my kids will as well.