October 11, 2010

Calnaturale Svelte review

I'm on a mission to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, so I'm always on the lookout for quality natural products to help keep me on track! Calnturale Svelte protein drinks are a natural energy drink that is not only good for you but it actually tastes great too! Gone are the days of choking down chalky protein drinks full of ingredients that I can't pronounce, and enter Calnaturale Svelte protein drinks that are rich with flavor and nutrition!
I was able to review their four amazing flavors: Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino, and Spiced Chai. I can't pick just one that stood out to me, because they all taste great! I really enjoyed the Spiced Chai and French Vanilla the most, but the Chocolate and Cappuccino were close behind! I love that these energy drinks are made with all natural and organic ingredients. Svelte drinks are unlike anything I've seen on the market, and that is a good thing! Made with organic soy milk and infused with several vitamins and minerals including 16g of natural protein, these sustained energy protein drinks "metabolize over a longer period than simple sugars, Svelte helps keep you going during your bus day and provides important nutrients" that you otherwise might be lacking.
You can find these tasty Svelte drinks in any of these locations, or order online!
It doesn't hurt that the packaging is super cute and ego boosting too :D Hello Beautiful! Look at these great recyclable containers!

CalNaturale not only makes these fabulous and delicious energy drinks, but they also offer Calnaturale Wine: CalNaturale Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Made in the same recyclable and unbreakable packaging, this delicious wine is another "great gift option for the eco-friendly wine-lover on your gift list!"
CalNaturale wine is available in two sizes, 500 ML and 1 liter cartons, and sold for $6.99 and $12.99, respectively.  Not only do the two sizes offer options, but compared to traditional-sized glass bottles, you get more bang for your buck with more wine inside!

Disclaimer: I was given 4 Svelte Drinks for review, no other compensation was given. For more information on my posting practices, please see my disclosure policy.


Alison said...

Oh wow I want some of that! Both the energy drinks and the wine. I could use a glass of wine right now. Thanks for the great review Heather!