November 30, 2010

Look what I did...

We had an amazing trip north this past weekend- lots of fun, food, and family!
I escaped for a bit on Friday to go get a new tattoo :D :D Since having my children, I've wanted a tattoo that represented them in some way. I fell in love with a scene about a year ago of two little birds on a branch. I've thought of the birds as my boys, and myself as the branch-a place that they can always go for comfort and support-a place to call home.
So with that idea in mind, I searched and searched for the perfect design. Even tried to draw my own, but nothing felt like it was meant to be mine. I always came back to the designer who had the digital artwork for my blog header, I love the simplicity of the birds and the bright and bold colors. I started thinking more and more of working up a design based on the birds, after all my searching, I realized my perfect design was right in front of my face!
So with that said, I assure you this tattoo is not in honor of my blog ;) but my darling children. What do you think?
The pic is blurry, but I think you get the idea :D


Kati said...

I love that your tattoo has such great meaning behind it. You are far braver than I, but if I were to get a tattoo, I would hope it would be as special.

Yellow Tennessee said...

Aw, now that is a dedicated blogger. Hee hee.

All kidding aside, I love it. The colors are great and it being just a little cartoonish makes it even cuter.