November 12, 2010

Meet Katy's Creations!

I'm a sucker for anything cute, and Katy's Creations has outdone herself in the cuteness department! Katy, the fabulous woman behind the etsy shop Katy's Creations, and I go way back to our cheerleading days in a small town in Michigan and have reconnected through the wonder that is Facebook! She is a master of yarn, and has decided to start selling her adorable hats she's created and her business is really taking off! I was (I think :D) one of her first customers, and I chose her Owl Hats for my boys, aren't they super cute??
She has many other designs-penguins, elephants, winter creations (snowmen!) pumpkin hats, frogs-just to name a few! Every week it seems she is adding something new to her shop! She can customize the hats in the color of your choice, or let her put together a color combo for you (like I did, I love the colors she chose!)
You can find Katy's Creations on Etsy, as well as Facebook! Be sure to "Like" her and help her grow!