November 13, 2010

Time to slow down

If you haven't already noticed, I'm slowing down on the giveaway front. I just felt like I was getting behind and I didn't want to push anything farther back than what I was so I'm going to take a little break!
I can see how easy it is to spend all day on the computer, and if I could, I would do blog work all day just for all of you! But family comes first! I'll finish up the reviews I have and then I'll chill out. Don't worry, I'm not leaving for good, I'll be posting every few days! Stay tuned for more great things to come, like the Holiday Hop Gift Card Giveaway  in the first week of December!


LeeAnn said...

Good for you. I just made the same decision. I work full time so the only time I get to be online is after my kids go to bed, so I end up staying up way too late and I'm not getting any sleep. I love posting reviews and giveaways, but I want my life back. I have a bunch to finish up and then I'm taking a much needed break! Enjoy your time with your family!

kalea_kane said...

I hear you! :) I did giveaways back in the day, and it just got to be too much. I loved reviewing and still like to from time to time, but family comes first. :)

Thanks for all you do!

Texasholly said...

Whew! It is certainly hard to keep up with...and they take a lot of time!