January 3, 2011

Our "thank you God!" weekend!

What a weekend we had-we planned a quiet, fun, family friendly weekend for the New Year and it started off wonderfully! My hubby didn't have to work friday so we took the boys to Toledo to spend some gift cards they got from my wonderful sister and had a great day. We spent the day playing outside thanks to the unseasonably warm day (almost 70 degrees!) and playing games that night before the kids went to bed. Okay I too went to bed, I"m a party pooper...I haven't watched the ball drop in years!
Sounds like a great day, right?? Except I feel like I almost lost my husband that day :( I know, I'm being dramatic, but I'll explain.
That afternoon he was working outside when he heard a strange noise in the garage and went to investigate. Somehow, our air compressor kicked on all on it's own. My husband went to shut it off when BAM it EXPLODED in his face. This compressor was made of STEEL and it just split. I was in the house and it sounded like a car hit our house. It was so loud. I ran outside and I see the metal eagle we have on the front of the garage swinging in the breeze and the door had burst open. I run to the garage and Bill is just shaking holding his head and his hand. He was okay, mostly. It's been a long time since I had prayed, and I immediately thanked God for keeping my husband safe. He could have been seriously hurt, he still says he has no idea how he did not get hurt, his face was right in front of the compressor when it blew.
Sometimes it takes an awakening like that to put life into perspective, and he probably wouldn't have died, but I can't help but to think how something worse could have happened.
So I guess you could say our New Year started off with a BANG!
We relaxed the rest of the weekend, and stayed out of the garage ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank God is right! I think I would have pee'd myself. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Oh No!!! PTL. God had his hand in front of Bills face.