January 27, 2011

Pre-K Parent/Teacher Conferences

It feels a little strange to think about going to Parent/Teacher Conferences, especially for preschool. I can't believe I have a child old enough to be school aged, it doesn't seem like that long ago that my mom was going to my P/T conferences when I was in school. Preschool P/T conferences are a little funny, I think. I mean, I know it's important to see how your child is developing and how he/she is interacting with the other children (and my son is doing amazing, I'm so proud!!) but when I think of P/T meetings, I think of the teacher telling the parent that their child is really struggling with Calculus or isn't focusing during group projects, etc-not "your child does well coloring in between the lines" or "your child cleans up after themselves very quickly"!
We love our preschool, and the teacher is beyond amazing-I'm glad to have my son in her class and to have him doing so well. I think it seems strange to me b/c it's such a foreign process to me-being a parent of a school aged child. I think preschool P/T conferences are not only for sharing your childs progress, but are a good teaching tool for parents, to prepare them for the future with a child in the school system!
Did/does your preschool do conferences?