February 28, 2011

Mars Needs Moms: What would my kids do without me, I wonder?

In celebration of the new movie set to be released next month, Mars Needs Moms, I pose the question: What would your kids do if you were abducted :D
While I don't know if there is another life form out there on Mars, I do know that I do not want to find out any time soon! Especially if that life form is a mom snatcher :D So be on the lookout, moms! And until then:

Here are the top 10 things my kids would miss about me if I were gone:

10. Food. My kids would have to live on venison and macaroni and cheese for the rest of their lives, I fear! I'm the main chef in our house, and while I"m not the best cook, I do offer variety.

9. Baths.My kids would be filthy. I"m a stickler for clean kids!!
My kids on the other hand could care less, so they would probably revel in the fact that they could be dirty :D

8. Breastfeeding. Okay, only my youngest still nurses, but I'm sure he'd miss it. Or maybe not. But I would!

7. Clean clothes. I think there is a phobia of the washer in my house, and I"m the only one who can conquor the fear (insert eye roll here!)

6. My hair. Weird, I know. But my boys have a hair obsession, and when they are upset, they like to hold hair, and seeing how my hubby is bald, I'm the go to person for that!

5. Pizza! I like to sneak the occasional pizza into our house, usually when my husband is working :D I"m mean like that. But my son thinks it's so cool when  the deliver man brings us dinner! So much for being healthy ;)|

4. Sleep. Well, I'm sure they would sleep. But we are a cosleeping family, and I know that I like being in the same room as my family, I think they would miss my snoring!

3. My "boo boo" cure. A moms kiss heals all wounds. Whatever will they do the next time they scrape their knee?

2. The Camera. My camera seems to be attached to my hip, and I think they would be lost without the random flash in the face, lol!

1. Mommy hugs. Everyone loves a hug from their mom. It's a one of a kind hug, one that you miss when it's gone. And I would hope they would miss my snuggles <3

What would your kids miss if you were gone? Do you worry like me that they wouldn't even notice you were gone? Alright, I think my kids would miss me...at least once they get sick of macaroni and cheese :)

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Aubrey LeeAnn said...

Mom hugs are the very best kind of hugs. I might be almost 25, but I still make my mom give me tons of super long hugs whenever I go home so I can stock up for the lengthy periods of time in between visits. :)

ChinaDoll said...

A mom's hug could make every thing okay...it would make all the problems and worries go away. A mother's unconditional love is always the best! :)