February 1, 2011

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When I think about Valentine's Day, I, of course, think about Love! Love is a many splendid thing, Love lifts us up to where we belong....okay okay, I'm getting a little cheesey. But that's okay! I think love CAN be cheesey, and it should! Sometimes it's okay to be serious and romantic, but I feel the most love when things are goofy and spur of the moment!
My husband and I aren't romantic people. And that probably won't change anytime soon. But we do like to have fun. And that's what I remember the most about one Valentine's Day a few years ago B.C. (Before Children  :D)
My husband woke up to a car full of balloons before he had to leave for his classes for the day. It was funny watching him out the window when he went outside, the look on his face was priceless! My payback? He wrapped my car in plastic wrap while I was at work and came to rescue me as I panicked in the parking lot before letting me in on who the real culprit was! For us, it's about keeping each other on our toes. Anyone can do roses and candy, but I'd much rather have a dog biscuit and a meaningful Valentine's card inside my sandwich than chocolate any day ;)

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So tell me, what does Valentine's Day mean to you?
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@nola727 said...

Love this. It means thinking how special everyone in your life really is WITH CANDY!

natalie w said...

valentines day means showing how loved and honored everyone is in your life ..cant wait!

Brittany said...

My husband totally drops the ball on all the major holidays. So instead of expecting something only to be disapointed, I focus on all the small things in my life that are filled with love.

Linda said...

Valentines Day when you are young is all about finding love, as you get older (my husband and I are coming up on 30 years) Valentines Day is more about a shared love ~ the family your love has built. Not sure which is better but I have truly enjoyed the trip!

Jeannine said...

It means showing the ones you love a little extra love..

mellanhead74 at hotmail.com

Patrice said...

Valentine's Day means spoiling my family with a delicious treat from the kitchen. It's just a little way to say "I love you."