July 11, 2011

10 Reasons why *I* want to go to Virginia Beach!

My family (my husband and my kids) have never been on a vacation together. I didn't go on any vacations growing up, it just wasn't something we could afford (but it never bothered me!). It wasn't until I got married to a man who came from a family who took many vacations did I get to experience that fun and excitement of going to a new place!
I've always wanted to go to the east coast.There is so much to offer, and there are many educational experiences on the east coast that I want my boys to know about as well. One place that I think would be amazing to visit is Virginia Beach! But why?? Check it out!

My top 10 reasons to go to Virginia Beach:
10. Hello?!?! It's the beach!! Sun, sand, and surf-YES please!
9. There is something about going to a popular vacation spot that appeals to me-I want to know what all the fuss is about!
8. I have friends there! I have some friends who I actually met online that I'm dying to meet that live there!
7. I have family there too :D
6. The fishing. I have never fished on the ocean, and we are avid fishermen in this family and that would be so much fun to do!
5. I would LOVE to see the Neptune Statue!!
4. I think the Nauticus Science and Technology and Science Center would be awesome, I know that my boys would love it...well, I might love it a little more!
3. Relaxation! I know I don't have to go to VB to relax, but I think any time you can just relax and not worry about the laundry or bills for a week is a good thing!
2. Getting to watch my kids experience the ocean and to splash on the beach-that's more than enough reason for me!
1.The memories that a vacation to Virginia Beach would be priceless and very much worth the trip. I cherish each moment with my family, and a beach vacation would be one I wouldn't forget!

I hope some day to get to check this off of my to do list in life. I want my family to experience something memorable-something that my boys will look back upon and want to take their kids so they can enjoy it as much as they did. Until then, I will dream of the sun and the fun of Virginia Beach! Maybe I'll see you there :D

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