September 12, 2011

Bounce It Off Millions Contest!

One of the most well known laundry brands out there, Bounce, has announced their "Bounce It Off Millions" contest on their Facebook page. Now I'm a little late to the game, as the contest started August 22nd, but there are still a few days to enter as the contest ends September 15th!! That doesn't leave you much time, but this giveaway is so awesome and the way to enter is super fun so you'll want to rush over and enter as soon as you finish reading this blog post :D

Bounce wants to know-what is the most difficult question swirling around in your head? Is it to buy wheat or white bread? Private or Public School? Yes or No?
If you're having a hard time deciding, let your fellow Bounce Fanatics help you out!
Head on over to the Bounce Facebook page and be sure to "like" their page. Then click on the "Bounce it Off Millions" app and enter in your question that's nagging away at you and let other people decide the answer for you!
I've been sitting here thinking about what my question should be...How about "Fashion yay or nay? Socks with Sandals? :D

Since this contest is running for 4 weeks, Four lucky followers will be chosen to win a Grand Prize-You'll win the chance to turn your head scratcher of a question into a Facebook wide advertisement! You'll get to reach out to all 150+Million Facebook users and they'll help you decide the answer to your question!

But Bounce is not going to let you walk away without first entering you into a special sweetstakes fo the chance to win two Bounce Dryer Bars, one to keep and one to give to a friend! There will be 5,000 winners!!