September 14, 2011

Play-Doh Play-Dates Review!

I remember spending hours playing and creating with Play-Doh with my brother and sister, I really do have some fond memories! I love that Play-Doh is still a household name and that my own children can now enjoy this awesome product!
Hasbro and Play-Doh have come out with a brand new adventure-The Play-Doh Play-Dates activity website! These activities so much fun for everyone!! You can play online games, find snack recipes, make awesome Play Doh crafts, and  there are even great resources for parents and teachers! I'm telling you, this is a fantastic interactive tool for all!
I sat my boys down and we picked the Ice Cream Shoppe for our first activity! My 4 year old played interactive games (with a little help from mom!) and what better excuse to play but to eat a frozen treat :D

working on his creation!
My 2 year old loves Play Doh!
Getting a little help making Playing the Ice Cream Shoppe games!

Cooper's Creation!

Now, we had some ice pops along with this activity, but I'm afraid my boys eat their ice cream nekkid so no nakey sticky pics to show, but let me tell you-the Frozen Juice Pops were super yummy!

The Play-Doh Play Dates website is easy to navigate! It's bright and eye catching, which I think is part of what draws kids in to want to create!
There are many activities to choose from-you can choose a Beach Party Theme, Pizza Shop, Back to School Theme and so much more! Aside from games and snacks, you can find guides to create awesome Play-Doh creations to go with your Play Doh Play Date theme of choice!
If you click the Parents link, you'll find party planning ideas, tips for cleaning up, and fantastic ideas to keep the fun going-like re-using the empty Play-Doh containers for fun craft projects such as ornaments, toys, or storage containers!
Even Teachers can join the fun! Play-Doh Play Dates has planned some great lesson plans that you can incorporate into your classroom schedule to make learning a lot more exciting!
My kids and I really enjoyed the videos available for viewing on the website, my 4 year old even wanted to make his own Play-Doh Commercial!

There is SO much more to learn and discover, be sure to check out the NEW Play-Doh Play Dates website!! You and your kids will love it! When a quality brand like Play-Doh comes out with educational and captivating activities, you know you can trust that kids can not only play but learn too!

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