November 19, 2011

Commit A Minute: Muppet PSA {Giveaway!}

Family safety is so important, and with the upcoming festivities, we need to be even more aware of our surroundings as many of us will be having guests in our homes for the holidays!
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have teamed up with The Muppets this holiday season to promote the importance of keeping your family safe. All you have to do is "Commit a Minute"
It only takes a minute to pick up some toys off the floor to avoid tripping on them or to turn that pot handle away from the edge while it's on the stove. According to the UL, there are 9.2 unintentional accidents involving children every year, and really-all it takes is a minute to fix it!

The Muppets are lending their hand in this cute but informative Commit A Minute PSA-
Kermit, Beaker and Bunsen discovered that the main cause of holiday fires involve decorations (56%) and the first item ignited because of this are Christmas trees (21%).

That’s why Dr. Dr. Honeydew Bunsen, his assistant Beaker and Kermit the Frog created a short video at the UL Labs encouraging families to “Commit A Minute” to safety.  You can find the video here.
Here are some additional statistics and top safety tips you should know to ensure a safe and happy holiday season:

·        Consider LEDS - A candle can reach 1,000 degrees so always stay “three feet from the heat” 
·        Never leave candles unattended- Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of unexpected candle/oven flames
·        *Water Your Tree - Trees that have dried out over several weeks burn faster than fresher, well-watered. *Here’s a video of a side-by-side tree burn.
·        Ensure lights bare the UL Mark - Lights intended for indoor-only use bear green holographic UL Marks, whereas lights intended for indoor and outdoor use bear red holographic UL Marks

The Muppets opens THIS Thanksgiving, and I know that the Stevens house is excited to see it!
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tongfamily6 said...

make sure your car seats are buckled in is your most precious cargo!

Cory said...

my safety tip is to walk inside crosswalks.
mychancetowin at gmail dot com

Sara said...

My tip, make sure to always point your pot and pan handles towards the middle/inside -(littlesillysally at gmail .com

rubymum26 said...

My tip is hot water heater safety. Kids can get burnt so quickly when the water temp is just a few degrees higher than preferred. Check your hot water heaters settings! 120 degrees is best!!

jakiesmom said...

use battery operated tea lights rather than candles, for a nice holiday glow
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Kim said...

Always use surge protectors.. for fire safety and to not lose your investment in home electronics!

Anonymous said...

Use electric wax warmers instead of candles!

Nicole Larsen said...

I use electrical plugs in the outlets so my daughter can't stick her fingers in them.

ramblinroses3 said...

my safety tip: everyone has a "junk drawer", before you throw 9 volt batteries in, place tape over the positve/negative prongs to prevent them from sparking and perhaps igniting something in drawer.

Cara said...

I'm always reminding my husband to turn pot handles to the inside of the stove now that our toddler is almost tall enough to really do damage. The thought of what could happen scares me to death!

Sarah Marek said...

I have a smoke detector Christmas Ornament that I put in my tree every year. It looks like the rest of my ornaments, just a little heavier!