November 16, 2011

Tips for Spreading Holiday Cheer #HasbroKREOsets

I'm beyond excited for the impending holidays, this is my absolute favorite time of year! There is so much to do, so many people to see, and not enough time! 
Hasbro wants to make gift giving a little easier on you this year by introducing Kre-O! Let me give you some insider tips on Kre-O, and how Hasbro can give you a hand with your loved ones (6 & up and for the whole family!) wish lists!
*Kre-O Transformer sets are a must have toy for those construction loving kids! It's an adventure, it's fun, and it gives your kids a feeling of accomplishment when they've finished their creation! And really, they are not just for kids! Kre-O is fun for the whole family, what better excuse for a family fun night?
*It's affordable and available at major retailers near you! There is a set for every budget, sets as low as $7.99! Hasbro has an easy to access website to help you shop, or check out where you can find it locally!
*Kre-O blocks are universal! You can use them with other block sets! I love that, this definitely  promotes budget friendly spending this year, no need to buy special kits when Kre-O makes it even easier to enjoy building because you can add on with other brands!

Aside from budget friendly spending, there are many other things I like to do to spread holiday cheer!
*Spend time with friends by doing kid friendly crafts! Something new amongst my circle of friends is a monthly craft session that incorporates the holidays-this month we're making cornucopies, next month is Christmas Cards for a retirement community. It's fun for both kids and parents!
*Turn on the holiday tunes a little early-Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit better than MUSIC!! If I'm feeling bummed, or better yet, a little "bah humbug!" I plug in my iPod or radio and I can't help but to be in a good mood listening to Christmas carols!
*Take the time to give back-there are so many organizations out there that allow you to give back locally. Whether it's donating to a food pantry, adopting a family, or giving away last winters jacket...There is always someone in need, and something small can make a huge impact during the  holidays!

Take the time to spread a little cheer this holiday season! Of course it's
fun to shop and save when it comes to your families gifts, but there is so much more to this special time of year than that. It's never to early (or too
late) to put a smile on someones face, including your own!

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