December 21, 2011

Buying gift cards can be a great stress reliever!

I swear every person in my family is one of those "hard to buy for" person or the one "who has everything"! Year after year, I scratch my head trying to figure out what to buy them! Thankfully I am surrounded by people who are much smarter than me :D and they suggest giving a gift card! 

Gift cards are really the way to go, I think! There are so many great perks to giving gift cards!
We live in the age of online shopping, and a gift card gives someone to buy what they truly want from the comfort of their home! Picking up a gift card is the way to shop, especially during the holidays! It is such a stress reliever to be able to pick up a gift card and be done with your gift giving wish list! And as most of us will agree-a little less stress is a GOOD thing!
Something else that is great about gift cards-they don't expire! If your recipient can't get to the store for a month, it's okay! 
Another great convenience of gift cards, is that they are readily available in almost every retail store and location! If you're a busy working dad or a stay at home mom on the go, and need to get a gift last minute-it's something that is easy to find and sure to put a smile on someones face!
If you are like me and have family spread out all over the country, then you definitely appreciate the convenience of a gift card. My 4 siblings all live in different states, and the cost of shipping Christmas gifts this year would have been more than the gift itself most likely! This way I can send their gift in gift card form along with our cute family Holiday card, and save big on shipping!

Some people say gift cards are impersonal, and I have to disagree. Many of us have received gifts we didn't exactly care for, probably given to us by someone who should know us the best! Or we've received a gift that doesn't fit, or we're allergic to, or even open up something and it's broken! What part of that is fun? Giving a gift card to a friend or loved one  is thoughtful, and often times very much preferred! Save yourself some stress, and go the gift card route, you and your recipient will be glad you did!

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