December 20, 2011

Need some home improvement ideas?

Home improvement can be really really stressful, if you go in it without a plan! Thankfully there are great resources online to help guide you and great stores to shop from to help you find exactly what you need!
We're still amidst a master bedroom remodel in the Stevens house and I have to say I've turned to the internet to find many great deals on one of a kind items!

Some of the items I've been on the search for is a vintage bed and some tapestry throw pillows. One of the fun things I found that I thought would be cool for my husbands "man cave" are these recliners for tall people. My husband lives in the land of short people, I'm sure he'd appreciate something a little more comfortable for his frame! Of course, then there are the tutorials and items my husband searches for, things that I admit go over my head (I am not a very handy person!) Resources like thickness planer comparison or how to install a top of the line shower-I've got the decorating covered, and he's on top of the construction!

Save yourself some time and shop online! You'll realize how less stressed you are when you can find what you need in the comfort of your home instead of a busy and cramped store. You'll thank me later :D

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