January 17, 2012

Check out this awesome blog! "Real Life Homes: Where Families Live"

I'm alive!!! :D
We've had the flu that turned into a cold that turned into croup this past week, and I feel like I am finally able to come up for air!! And just in time too, as I want to share with you a brand new blog that I'm hoping you'll help me give some love to!
Real-Life Homes: Where Families Live was created by my friend  Karen who came up with the idea of featuring real, un-staged pictures of homes. I think this is a pretty awesome concept for a blog. Not that I want to feature my messy house (and yes, that's me in her newest post!) but because we see blogs and magazines with pictures of homes that look miserable to live in because it's pristine and full of glass decor or pictures of rooms that you know were cleaned right before the picture was taken so not to let people in on the fact that the room is actually lived in *gasp* and as a mom of two busy and playful boys, I know those pictures aren't really an accurate view into the normal home!
I think it's a fun blog, and a neat way to see what families REALLY live like all over the country (or world!) 
Thanks for letting me be a part of it Karen, I can't wait to see what is to come!
If you get a chance, "like" Real-Life Homes on Facebook!