January 25, 2012

My top 5 Mom inspired driving tips!

Driving is stressful enough, but add to the mix a few kids capbable of every distraction in the book and driving gets even scarier! I think about all the times I'm getting after my boys to stop picking on each other, or to leave the window along, or to not try and unbuckle themselves-and I get scared! I'm not paying attention (yes I am admitting it!) to the road when I should be and I've had to collect myself and get my priorities in check to make sure my kids and I are safe on the road.

Inspired by this recent Esurance blog post , here are a few of my top tips!
*Don't drive tired or hungry-Easier said than done, I know! Moms are always tired it seems! But I notice that when I haven't slept well or haven't eaten and get that shaky feeling, I'm not at my best and cannot concentrate as well as when I'm rested. And if I can't concentrate at home, I'm sure as not able to concentrate on the road, so unless it's an emergency, I put off my errands until after I'm more alert and ready to take on the day!
*Keep toys at home for safety reasons. I've come to know some great car seat instructors and advocates, and one of their top tips that most of us don't even think about is to avoid keeping objects in the car that can fly around in case of an accident. Toys, phones, books-they all need to be in a secure location if you want them in your car. If you were to crash, a toy could be a dangerous object when flying through the car at rapid speed. I am guilty of having things in my car that are just laying around, and I try to be more of aware of that these days!
*Have a safe and secure car seat that is not expired. This should be a no brainer, but many people dont' even realize that car seats expire! The older they get, the more wear the plastic has and it starts to break down even if we can't see it, making it less safe in the event of a crash. Do your research and find the best seat for your budget, car, and child and follow the guidelines when using it (follow weight requirements, latching system, etc) to ensure your child is as safe as he/she can be!
*Keep the cell phone OFF!! It's hard to do, but a cell phone is so distracting!! If your phone rings, pull over, or call back when you are stopped. We all know that is just common sense, but I know that ignoring your cellphone something that is hard to do but lets keep each other accountable and keep it off!
*Click it or Ticket!! Yes, I said it! We all know the laws. Lets be good examples to our kids and remember our seat belts!

Lets make our lives easier, after all, moms have enough to deal with! Driving doesn't have to be as stressful as we make it out to be. We can do a few simple things to ensure that we are focused when on the road, and above all, that we're all safe!

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