March 21, 2012 saves you money and gives back!

If you've gone to college, or are on your way, you know it's going to be expensive. Housing, classes, and books really add up. Not everyone has the luxury of a parent paying for school or has piles of grants paying the way, so why not lesson the load just a bit? How about renting your books for school? Campus Book Rentals is all about saving you money and making college life a little less stressful buy allowing you to rent whatever book you need at a fraction of the price when buying it new or used!
I wish had known about this when I went to school!
Some perks about
Save 40-90% off bookstore price!!!
Free shipping both ways
30 Day Risk Free Returns
Largest Book selection in the Nation
Live Customer Support
You can highlight pages
and so much more!

Look at this-"Fundamentals of Physical Geography" by James Petersen, Dorothy Sack, Robert E. Gabler. You'll find that at a book store for over $100, but will save you 71%  AND you can rent for as long as you need-whether it's a summer class, quarter, or semester!

What's even better than saving money? Giving Back. is donating a percentage of each rental to Operation Smile. Not just every "checkout". It's EVERY textbook. Their goal is to pay for 1000 life changing operations. I think that's awesome.

College is stressful, but finding the money to pay for books doesn't have to be a worry anymore, thanks to Campus Book Rentals!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 


Sarah Marek said...

This is a GREAT idea. Almost makes me want to hit the books again. This would be for my roommate. Every semester i see her forget to budget the hundreds of dollars it takes just to get our books every time. It's unreal.

Sarah Marek said...

Oh my favorite class in college: Geography of the National Parks