March 17, 2012

My sister

My Sister
Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott
My sister had been looking into getting adt alarms for her house the day her house got broken into. It was really scary, actually, because she’d been at home with the girls just a few hours before and though they didn’t find all her jewelry they did take a lot of stuff she was really disappointed to lose. I love my sister but sometimes she leaves her door unlocked but it turns out that wasn’t the case here – she hadn’t at all. They broke in a window in the basement and got everything – I don’t really understand why robbersfeel like they need to break everything in a house when they come in but you know, there’s something to be said for the fact that a lot of people don’t have anything but keeping my house safer has now become a priority of mine, I can tell you that. My sister feels the same way and she definitely ended up getting that alarm she had been looking at in the first place!

Disclaimer: this is a guest post.