November 28, 2012

Need a fun and free winter craft? Snowman Fridge!

There are some days where you've played with all the toys, watched your favorite movie, and cleaned the whole house. And there is still half the day to get through! So gather your kiddos at the table with some construction paper, safety scissors and some tape and check out this awesome and easy craft!
Turn your refrigerator into a Snowman!
I got the idea from my dear friend Rachel over at Yellow Tennessee and I knew I had to try it!

*I know technically this isn't "free" if you have to buy the paper but chances are you have everything in the house already :D*
 I used three sheets of paper and a few pieces of tape. That's it!
I also thought about getting really crafty and laminating the pieces and putting a magnet
on the back to save for next year but I thought it'd be more fun to just make it again and maybe do it
different every year!
What do you think?