March 20, 2013

I'm back and it's time for a change!

As most of my followers know, I have taken a sabbatical from blogging. I would update occasionally on my facebook fan page but on the blog itself it has been pretty quiet. The main reason for my absence is the plague ;) Since November, we have been battling illness after illness-strep, a few bouts of stomach flu, sinus infections, pink eye, colds-you name it, we've had it. We also went on vacation to Florida over Christmas where we ended up taking our youngest to the hospital for a bad case of bronchitis. So needless to say, we've been laying low this winter, as I'm sure many of you have as well! I've heard from many people that this winter has been horrible with sicknesses.
I also came to realize that the way I was blogging wasn't a direction I wanted to continue. I love doing product reviews and giveaways, but that started to consume my life and my blog. I started this blog to share my thoughts on my family and our experiences with my son's Omphalocele and hearing loss and it started to grow as opportunities came to me. I'm forever grateful for everything I've been given and the work I have been able to do and the people I've worked with along the way!
My  hope is to continue to share with my readers about products, but this time they will be ones I love and want to share, things I use in my everyday life as a woman and as a mom. I'd like to share more crafts and projects that I have been working on. I'd like to bring my blog back to where it started and share life experiences and stories of others that I can relate to. I want to make this blog "mine" again. I know it has always been my blog, but I let it become something I couldn't handle anymore and didn't know how to stop. So I had to walk away.

And here I am today feeling refreshed and ready to take on this new blog challenge. I hope you'll stay with me and I hope you enjoy what I share with you in the future!
Stay tuned for a new look too :D


Anonymous said...

Yeah......Glad you're

breylee {} said...

I'm excited to start reading your stuff again, Heather. *hugs* -Aubrey

Colleen @The Family Pants said...

So excited for you!! Can't wait to read your stories, mama :D Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

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