March 25, 2013

Adventures in Quilting: A baby quilt!

I've dabbled with sewing and quilting for about 10 years since my days of working in a fabric department while in college but it was just recently I decided to give it a serious go!
I've read books, annoyed my friends who quilt with many questions ;) and made many "practice" pieces and finally felt brave enough to make a quilt for someone other than myself.
My brother and his wife just had their first baby, a boy, and their nursery theme was bugs! I recently bought the book: Dare to be Square by Boo Davis and it's perfect for beginners like me! In it there was a Snail Playmat pattern and I immediately knew this was the pattern I'd use to make a quilt for my new nephew!
The directions for each pattern in this book are some of the easiest I have ever read, they have everything planned out so you know exactly what and how much to cut of each fabric. 
I picked bright colors with a gray background and chose this Michael Miller Bugs in a Jar (in gray)  for the backing, I am in love with this print!
I was able to finish this in about a day if you don't count sending it out to be quilted, which I used a gecko pattern, so cute!
How did I do? My nephew can't talk but I am pretty sure he loves it :D
I also highly recommend the book I mentioned, so many amazing patterns, no one would ever guess you were a beginner at quilting! 


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