July 29, 2013

Shark Week is coming!! Check out Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark from Discovery Channel!

Shark week is quickly approaching! Tune in August 4th to get your fill of all things shark!
We are big Shark week fans in the Stevens house, our kids especially! We have several Shark Week episodes from the previous years on DVR and just as many books!
One book we can't wait to dive into is Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark from The Discovery Channel! It's a new release as of this summer and it's fantastic! This book includes 192 pages of more than 400 photos of sharks and all 498 known species of sharks!! The pictures are full color and amazing and the reading is fun and educational!

Here is a press release with more information:

Sink Your Teeth Into Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark, The Latest from Discovery Communications and Time Home Entertainment
(New York, NY) July 1, 2013—TIME Home Entertainment, Inc has teamed up with Discovery Channel to create SharkopediaThe Complete Guide to Everything Shark—a book full of captivating photos and the coolest facts about the world’s most astonishing and feared creatures. Sharkopedia (Time Home Entertainment, Inc.; $19.95 US) is available at www.sharkopedia.com and wherever books are sold.
The book also includes an introduction and special contributions from shark expert and marine biologist Andy Dehart, a regular contributor to Discovery’s popular week-long TV event, Shark Week.
This 192 page full-color book includes over 400 vivid photos and offers a wealth of information about the nearly 500 species of sharksSharkopedia is the ultimate comprehensive resource for shark fans of all ages and explains everything there is to know about these amazing underwater predators.  Its chapters dive into areas such as:
·         Shark Anatomy and Senses –Explore shark parts, skin, muscles, fins, gills, hearing, taste and touch.
·         Feeding Habits – What’s the name of the shark that takes small, cookie shaped bites out of its prey?
·         Record Breakers – Which shark can live over 200 years?
·         Shark Behavior – Do sharks sleep?
·         Shark Conservation – Rather than being afraid of sharks, people should be afraid for sharks, as their populations are seriously threatened. Scientists, legislators and advocates—people who love sharks—are working to protect sharks in many ways.
In addition, Sharkopedia is filled with information about some of the most infamous sharks, including the Great White, Bull and Tiger. Learn about the two fastest-swimming sharks, how some sharks get their teeth cleaned, and why tiger sharks are known as “garbage guts.” Readers will get a close-up look at what makes sharks the most fearsome hunters in the ocean, read about the Great White “Ring of Death,” and much more.
“New advances in technology have allowed scientists to learn a great deal about sharks and one thing is abundantly clear – sharks are not the mindless monsters of the deep that many thought them to be,” said Dehart. “Whether you are fascinated or frightened by sharksSharkopedia showcases these amazing animals and allows us to captivate audiences year round outside of the water.”
Disclaimer: I received a book for review, no other compensation was given. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.