October 17, 2013

Enjoying life!

If you were/are a Facebook fan, you saw my post about taking a break from blogging. I still am ;) But I wanted to stop by and post about WHY I chose to take a break, and what I've been up to!

Life has been super busy for us. We bought a new house this summer and have enjoyed making it our own. This house is my dream house and every day I'm just so thankful that we get to live here! The kids are loving school-my oldest is rocking 1st grade, he is doing so well. My youngest is enjoying preschool, he loves his new friends!
Something else new going on in our house is that we got a dog!! We adopted a dog from our local Humane Society, her name is Molly, and she is the sweetest dog I've ever met! My husband has been asking for years to get a dog and finally I caved and am so glad I did!
Speaking of my husband, we just celebrated 10 years of marriage!! SO crazy to think we've been married this long already. We've been together since high school and got married our sophomore year in college. There have been plenty of ups and downs but we are in a great place right now and I couldn't be more grateful for all life has handed us. 

So the Blog...
I just woke up one day and decided it was time to take it easy. I've been so fortunate to do a lot of great things in the blogging community, I've had wonderful opportunities to work with amazing companies and people and I'm incredibly grateful for all of it. But I realized that my blog work was taking over my life. I sat on the computer all day, seemingly ignoring the household. And while it was rewarding in a sense, it was starting to depress me! That probably doesn't make sense. But I didn't want my home and my family to suffer any more so my blog had to take a back seat to real life. I miss writing and putting my skills to good use but taking this break has been the best thing for me. 

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather we are having! I know I am!