January 29, 2014

Can't find me? Find out where I'm blogging at now!

For anyone who is looking at this blog, you'll see I haven't' posted in a months. 
I had to take a step back from my personal blog as real life got busy and complicated and I needed to focus on my home life! After some time passed, I realized how much I missed writing and blogging, but too much time had passed here at Life With The Stevens and I since I didn't renew my blog domain, it felt odd to try to start over. So, I contacted some friends with established blogs who happened to be looking for part time help and they invited me to jump back in the blogging world *albeit part time!*
SO, if you need to get in touch with me, you still can at the same email address listed in the contact tab-
Or, you can find me working with:
 Rachel at YellowTennessee.com
Alison at BeingAlison.com
So I'm not really MIA, just spreading the good word elsewhere :D