March 9, 2009

yikes, tornados!!

We had a tornado warning yesterday! Fun...We had rain for about 20 or so hours, and then some crazy wind. But no damage thank goodness! Bill was out running the roads, so I called him to come home b/c I didnt know if we needed to secure anything .
We did have a few nice days before this though. Some nice warm weather, almost 70 degrees! But the sun wasnt really out, I miss the sun! We have lots of flowers starting to come up, the ones in the picture are blooming! I'm not sure what they are though, so I'm going to have to do some googling to find out!
I am just over 17 weeks now. Feeling blah most days. I have about 4-5 good hours during the day though. It is just morning and night that doesnt seem to agree with me! And my scale has a dead battery so I can no longer obsess about my weight gain. It is a blessing in disguise. I decided that I need to start thinking positivly about all the weight i've put on. I am working on accepting that this is what my body does when I am pregnant. I wont be like this forever, and in the end, we'll have a new baby to love as a result!
I am feeling the baby move! I feel flutters throughout the day, nothing strong. I cant feel it from the outside yet, I cant wait for that so Bill and Cooper can feel the baby too!

I went grocery shopping on saturday night by myself, so Bill and Coop played outside. They were outside for almost 2 hours! Bill was doing some yard work, and then they went to the park across the street. We all are so anxious for nice weather! I know Coop and I would both benefit with getting some outside time during the day. Cant wait!