May 7, 2009

the diagnosis, and what's next

I've been slacking a bit in updating Bennetts situation, I wanted to get our MRI results back before I posted anything.

Bennett has an Omphalocele.
Here is the wikipedia explanation if you are curious:

His is a small one as of right now. I've seen and read about giant "O"s where several organs are contained in the cord/sac, but it seems Bennett has just two loops of his intestines in his. This may seem like a good thing, and I guess it could be worse, but just b/c it is small doesnt mean there arent other genetic abnormalities.
We remain hopeful however that he will be a happy, healthy, little boy just like his big brother.

We are going to see a geneticist next week to discuss the possible issues that Benentt could have, as there are some things that go hand in hand with an "O"
But there are cases as well where the only issue the baby had was the O. We are still discussing the possibility of doing an amniocentesis. We're not sure if we watn to do it, but we could learn of any issues early on. I've joined a group called "Mothers of Omphaloceles" and all of them have said that they did the amnio.
We will be taking more time to think about it though.

Then we move on to the heart echo. Many times kids with an O have heart issues b/c if the organs are on the outside, the heart has nothing supporting it on the inside. But both Drs have said that the heart looks great, so we hope that is still the case.

We'll have a total of 5 appts this month (so far) but hopefully we walk away with answers, hope, and a plan. It seems I wil likely have a c-section, which scares me, but I know that should be the least of my worries!

So that is the update! A big thank you to all those who have lifted us up in prayer, that means so much. Please keep us in your thoughts if you wish, we've still got a long way to go!


Carolyn said...

Heather I'm so glad that you have finally gotten an answer! I hope that the "O" is the only problem and can easily be fixed. I'm glad to hear that his heart looks great. My little sister was born with a major heart defect (only 2 chambers instead of 4 ) and had to go through scary open heart surgeries. But she is fine - it is amazing what doctors can do today!

Good luck making your decision on whether or not to do an amnio.

I'll be keeping you and Bennett in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

You need to post an update again! So many things have changed in almost two months! He's almost here!