October 3, 2010

Story Time For Me review and a Giveaway for all!

Story Time For Me is a fantastic online tool for both mom and child. This is a program unlike any other I have come across! Story Time For Me is a "unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online interactive picture books. (They) also offer a one-of-a-kind animated personalized book." This program is for children aged 1-8, although as a mom I really enjoyed the many features of the stories,
some of which are:
Multimedia Personalized Book
Word Highlighting
Practice Makes Perfect
A Customized Reading Experience
Professional Narrators
Building Vocabulary for Toddlers
Parent/Teacher Discussion Questions
Regularly Updated Stories
Discussion Room
Creative Art Activity

I have both a toddler and a school aged child, so I was excited to check out the online Children's Books and see what they were all about! There are a few samples of children's stories on the homepage that I sat down and watched/read them with my boys. We started with the first one, which is geared more towards toddlers "Fern Meets Some Indian Animals" . The main character, Fern the fox travels to India and meets some new friends. The book is both educational and fun! It's interactive, and it guides us through each word making the connection to what is being said and what the word looks like. My oldest was especially fond of this program, he is learning to turn the pages himself with the click of the mouse, although the story will continue on automatically too. The second sample story was just as exciting and engaging. This is a great resource to have on hand, and as a mother, I appreciate the effort made to not only teach the children but to get them excited about reading with these wonderful children's storybooks!
Want to know more? Check out this video!

 Buy it!: There are many great children's stories and multimedia selections to choose from, and don't forget you can personalize your own story that your little one is sure to love!

The Giveaway!
Each of my readers will receive 2 multimedia selections of their own!!! 
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Story Time For Me has another program currently going on. Please read about it here: http://storytimeforme.com/teachers.pdf and read this recent press release http://www.storytimeforme.com/pr-release-9-7-2010.pdf.  "This is something that every parent should be sure to inform their child’s teacher or caregiver of and email them about the program for them to check out!"

Disclosure: I was contacted to do a review for Story Time For Me. No compensation was given. Thank you to Story Time For Me. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information on my blogging practices.